Issue #3 is live! (Online and in Print)

It’s time to check out the new issue of Pure in Heart!

Cover art: “Victorious Lion” by Ginger Burke.

Hello readers, and welcome to Issue #3! Find a comfortable place to read and dig in because we have put together another enjoyable collection of poems and stories that will make you smile, make you think, make you cry, and hopefully bring you closer to your Creator.

In this issue, we’ve included some new features that we’re excited to share with you. We have our first ever crossword-puzzle poem, our first ever comic (that will make you want to hug your mom), and two stories written by creative kids. Please, kids, if you’re reading this, after you enjoy going through Issue #3, start writing and creating for our next issue! Next time, we plan on taking jokes and riddles along with the usual poems and stories, and we can’t wait to see what you come up with.

If you’re reading online, don’t forget to leave comments on your favorite poems and stories. The writers and artists read them and love to see how much you enjoyed their work.

Thank you for reading! We hope you enjoy Issue #3!

Letter from the Editors


Ginger Burke

A Visit to Nannie
Gillian Winn

The Curse of the Wonky Eye
Sara Watkins

Great, Now There’s Cat Fur on My Tongue
Sara Watkins

Hudson’s Choices
Ginger Burke

Frog and Gate
Don Magin

The Master Has Need of This One
Steve Bell

Radiant Rainy Day
Kathryn Sadakierski

How Did the Sky Get So Blue?
Sara Watkins

Heavenly Hummings
Elizabeth Wrobel

Red Balloons
Marion Launder Price

God and Birds
Gina Bortolussi

A Child’s Psalm
Shannon McLatchey Balloon

Rough Waters
Shannon McLatchey Balloon

Empty Rocking Chair
Jason Kirk Bartley

A Mist in the Wind
Robert Funderburk

Made by Mom
Connie S. Tettenborn

God’s View
Ginger Burke

The Word Is _____
Erika B. Girard

Fresh as a Daisy
Elizabeth Wrobel


Amelia Earheart’s Love Story
by Ava Clay

Out of Small Things
by Coriel Stay

Fish for Two
by Alysia C. Anderson

by Daria Kluender

“Proverbs 15:4 Comic” by Laura Morfett.


Victorious Lion
by Ginger Burke

Proverbs 15:4 Comic
by Laura Morfett


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