Hudson’s Choices

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by Ginger Burke

My name is Hudson
It wasn’t my choice
My parents just named me
Before I had a voice

I can’t choose my sister
My birthday or height
My eye color, teeth size
Or if I’m black or white

I can’t choose the time
Of rain, hail, or snow
When the sun sets or
The wildflowers grow

So what can I do?
Do I not get a say?
What I want doesn’t matter?
I never get my way?

Well I’m glad that you asked
Because I know that it’s true
I get lots of choices
All the day through

I can choose to be mad
When I lose my best ball
Or my friend can’t come play
Or I get hurt when I fall

And I can complain
When I’m in a bad mood
And nothing is good
Not friends, toys, or food.

But it’s not fun to be angry
And grumpy and whiny
It’s more fun to choose building
And singing and climbing

I can choose to be happy
And sometimes that’s easy
On bike rides or big slides
Or when jumping in leaves-

And sometimes it’s hard,
Oh so hard, to choose smiling
When life is unfair
But I’ll keep on trying

I can choose to say “no”
To things that are bad
Like throwing my food
Or being mean to my dad

I can choose to say “yes”
To eating my veggies
Obeying my parents
Saying “thank you” and “please”

I can choose to be nice
When my friend takes my cars
Or says something mean
Or hits me too hard

And though that is tough
It’s the right way to be
I’ll be a good friend
He can learn that from me

And sometimes I’ll fail
And my choice will be bad
Inside I’ll feel rotten
Like my heart ripped in half

When I make a bad choice
I have more choices to make
I can lie and pretend
That everything’s great

Or I can confess
And say I was wrong
This is what God loves and
The truth makes me strong

My best choice will be
Whom to serve with my heart
Will I settle for selfishness?
Or let God set me apart?

If my days give me sunshine
Or just rain and wind
I can choose to be thankful
And trust God knows the end

And when I get older
The choices aren’t done:
Whom I’ll vote for and marry,
And a name for my son 🙂

Read about Ginger Burke here.

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Artwork: “A Little Boy” by Christian Krohg, 1890. Public Domain.

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