How to Submit Work to Pure in Heart

We are now CLOSED to submissions

About Pure in Heart

Pure in Heart Stories is a new online and print children’s magazine of Christian-themed stories, poetry, and artwork created by adults (and now kids, too!), for kids between the ages of 6 and 12 years old.

The Basics

Pure in Heart accepts submissions from writers and artists from around the world who are over 18 (and write for a children audience) or ages 14 and younger. We accept work from both Christians and non-Christians, so long as the submission has a Christian-theme or demonstrates Christian morals.

We accept all submissions through e-mail, at:

Please read our guidelines below before submitting.

What is a Christian-theme?

Good versus evil, a retelling of a Bible story, doing the right thing even when it’s hard, redemption, hope, awe of God and His creation, brotherly love, a creative look at Biblical people, a righteous heart shining against the backdrop of a fallen world, and much more.

We like silly and fun, but we also like serious. We like depth. We want work that engages with kids without talking down to them.

Ages 14 and Younger Guidelines

Poetry: Send up to 3 poems. Typed, or a photo of written work — as long as it is neatly written!

Short Stories: Send 1 story, no longer than 2,000 words. Typed, please!

Art: Send photos of up to 3 works of art.

E-mail your work to Veronica McDonald (she’s the editor), with your name and age to:

You may submit work to more than one category (example: you can send 2 poems, one story, and 1 picture at the same time), but please put them in one e-mail if possible.

You’ll hear back from us in about 2 weeks!

If your work is accepted, we’ll need your parents’ permission to publish your work. We don’t pay (sorry!), but you get a free digital copy of the issue where your work will appear.

If you work is rejected, don’t let it get you down! Getting “rejected” is actually a big part of being a writer. Keep creating, and try again next time 🙂

Adult (18+) Guidelines

Poetry: Send up to 5 poems, in one attachment.

Short Stories: Send up to 2 stories, no longer than 2,000 words each. Send as separate attachments in one e-mail.

Artwork: Send up to 4 pieces at a time. Please send as JPEG/JPG.

E-mail submissions to Veronica McDonald (editor) with a short cover letter and a short bio (about 50 words):

You may submit work for multiple categories at the same time, but please do so in the same e-mail if possible.

We accept simultaneous submissions as long as you let us know if you are accepted elsewhere.

Please do not send previously published work.

We do not offer payment, and, unfortunately, we cannot compensate anyone with contributor copies. We hope to change this in the future. All contributors will receive a free digital copy of the issue in which they appear.


On acceptance, Pure in Heart asks for:

  • First electronic rights to be the first to publish the work online
  • Non-exclusive Digital Format rights to publish the work in our downloadable PDF
  • First North American Serial Rights to be the first to publish the work in the English language in North America, in a print issue
  • Right to archive the work for as long as Pure in Heart exists

Following publication, rights revert back to the writer/artist. This means that after we publish your poem, story, or art, you keep the rights to your work! We only ask that you credit Pure in Heart Stories as the place your work first appeared.

Reading Periods

Spring Issue (May publication): February 1 – March 31

Fall Issue (November publication): August 1 – September 30

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