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We are a literary journal for families, featuring poetry, short stories, and art from a Christian worldview.

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Issue #4 is Here! (Online and in Print)

Cover art: “The Test” by Jason Hendrickson. Welcome to Issue #4 of Pure in Heart! Hold on. STOP. Get comfortable. Like really, super, squishy, don’t-want-to-move comfortable. Maybe get a pillow. Maybe three pillows. Are you comfortable yet? Ok, good! You’re ready to read now… and that’s good because we have a pretty amazing collection of… Continue Reading →

Issue #4: Call for Submissions!

Pure in Heart Stories is OPEN for submissions! Pure in Heart accepts work from adults, kids, and teens as long as it is family-friendly (rated G or PG). Submitted work should have a Christian theme or demonstrate Christian morals. A piece does not have to be overtly Christian. Send us your best: Poems Short Stories… Continue Reading →

Issue #3 is live! (Online and in Print)

It’s time to check out the new issue of Pure in Heart! Cover art: “Victorious Lion” by Ginger Burke. Hello readers, and welcome to Issue #3! Find a comfortable place to read and dig in because we have put together another enjoyable collection of poems and stories that will make you smile, make you think,… Continue Reading →

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