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by Ginger Burke

Taylor Marie
Was such a fun girl
With her glasses and flip flops
And little brown curls.

She often sang songs
Or played catch with her dad,
Biked down the sidewalk,
And helped brush her cat

She knew how to find
The bright yellow candy,
Her brother’s best toys,
Fun time with her family

Though Taylor was fun
And knew lots of things,
She couldn’t quite master
That little word “please.”

Her mom tried so hard;
She begged and she pleaded,
But Taylor forgot
And never succeeded.

One day in the car
Her favorite song played:
“Turn it up! Turn it up!”
“Taylor, what do you say?”

“Please turn it up,”
Taylor said with a smile
By the time she asked nicely
They’d gone a whole mile.

When she finally said “please,”
Her song was ending,
And Taylor was sad
For always forgetting.

“Dad, throw me the ball,
Over here really far!”
“Mom, can we go on bikes
And not ride in the car?”

Oh Taylor! Oh Taylor!
Dear, what do you say?
When you don’t use your manners
It’s no fun to play.

“Can I have that sucker?”
“Help me unwrap it.”
“Can you find the blocks?
They’re not in my basket.”

Every day was the same
Taylor’s word list increased;
Just one word was missing,
That little word “please.”

At lunchtime one weekend
She decided to try
To practice new words
And watch the reply.

Her mom, dad, and brother
Were eating grilled cheese;
Taylor sat down and said,
“Can I have one please?”

The whole room got quiet,
And Taylor just grinned;
“Oh that was easy
I’ll say it again!”

“Give me five,” cheered her mom,
“I’m so proud! Hooray!”
“Okay,” Taylor said,
“But what do you say?”


About the Writer

Ginger is very thankful for the life God has given her. She has lived in several countries and has loved getting to know the peoples of the world. Her current adventure is in Illinois with her husband and four children. Check out her additional writings at

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Photo Credit: “little smile” by celynek, (Modified by Veronica McDonald).

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