A Visit to Nannie

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by Gillian Winn

I’m off to visit Nannie,
To give Mum and Dad a break.
I’ll have to pack my suitcase,
What am I going to take?
A digger, tractor and a train,
My coat and wellies (in case of rain),
My Noo-noos—two should do,
One for night and one for day—
My new football, so we can play,
A vest and pants, a pull-up too
(In case I need to use the loo),
A jigsaw puzzle, pencil case,
A flannel for my sticky face,
My PJs for my sleepy bed,
My helmet to protect my head,
A hat and gloves, in case it snows,
Some clean socks for my little toes,
Some snacks if I am not well fed…
Oh no!
Maybe Nannie could come here instead!

About the Writer

Gillian Winn has a passion for the natural world and ecology. She is currently studying Creative Writing with the Open University. She retired from nursing after 40 years and now channels her creativity writing poetry and prose. She has had poetry featured on several on-line sites and is currently collating material for a chapbook. She lives in rural Yorkshire in England.

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Photo is in the Public Domain.

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