The Curse of the Wonky Eye

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by Sara Watkins

“The Curse of the Wonky Eye,” read by Sara Watkins.

It’s not a sneeze. It
feels like a sneeze,
but it’s all “ahhh—!”
There is no “—choo!”
It’s living in that part
of my nose; the part
that when you squeeze it,
you’re like a frustrated business
man  saying  things  like, “but the
corporate   merger   parameters…”
Except  I  am  not  a  business man,
and  what  is  a  corporate  merger?
I just have seventy five “Ahh”s and
absolutely zero “Choo”s. The pain
now lives in my left eyeball; now
the unspent mucus is seeping
from my tear duct. I’m not
crying, it’s just the ol’
wonky eye, curse of
the wonky eye,
this poem
looks like
a nose.

About the Writer

Sara Watkins is an editor and author from Philadelphia, PA. She is also the editor-in-chief of Spoonie Press, a literary magazine for disabled, chronically ill, and neurodivergent individuals. Recent publications include Wordgathering Journal, MASKS Literary Magazine, and Blink Ink. Contact Sara at: or @saranadebooks on Twitter and Instagram.

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