God’s View

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by Ginger Burke

Creation complains
“If God loves, why the pain?
Where is justice and love?
Why the hurt; why the shame?”

But the world does not know
Your thoughts or Your ways
Your strength through the trials
Your longing to save

Your grace is sufficient
Your mercies are new
The victory’s Yours
Please grant us Your view

You’ll never abandon
Your Word tells us truth
To grieving Naomi
You provided a Ruth

In days of Elijah
A time with no rain
The widow in poverty
You blessed when she gave

Though Leah was lonely
She still praised You, LORD
And from her descendants
Jesus was born

The length of Your arm
Freed Peter from prison
Healed Naaman’s illness
Saved Daniel from lions

David knew guilt
And Paul had a thorn
In each of our struggles
May glory be yours

So when we are grieving
Or poor or alone
Or when we just hurt
We’ll trust that we’re known

When valleys are deep
And darkness surrounds
When the waves of each day
Threaten to drown

You were and You are
And You always will be
The same now and ever
The One in our need

Made in Your image
Redeemed by Your Son
Indwelt by Your Spirit
May Your will be done.

Read about Ginger Burke here.

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Photo Credit: “Earth” by Kevin Gill, Flickr.com.

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