God and Birds

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by Gina Bortolussi

What do the birds know?
Do they talk with God as they go?
They must.
It’s how they are able to fly from the branches
And leave their nests
Because they know there is a place where they can rest.
Because they know that He is under their wings,
Guiding them through the air with nothing underneath but
His hand as their wings expand and they take off for greater things.

About the Writer

Gina Bortolussi is a thirty-five-year-old woman from New Jersey. She graduated from Manhattan College with a Bachelor’s degree in Communications and since then she has written for numerous online magazines such as Beyond Race Magazine and 411Mania.com. Gina hopes to one day own a cat and name him Truman Catpote because she loves animals and a good literary pun.

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Photo is in the Public Domain.

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