A Child’s Psalm

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by Shannon McLatchey Balloon

“A Child’s Psalm,” read by Shannon McLatchey Balloon.

When things go well, and I’m happy,
When the world seems dark, and I’m scared,
When I’m all alone and feeling blue,
I will praise you.

For you, God, are my friend.
You pick me up when I fall down.
You hold my hand when I am lost.
And you hear me when I speak.

Even when the clouds roll in.
Even when the lightning strikes.
Even when the rain pours down.
I will praise you.

For you have given me so, so much.
This big, green earth I live on.
The air I breathe, and water and trees,
and my friends and family.

About the Writer

Shannon McLatchey Balloon writes poetry and books for children. A former journalist-turned-lawyer, she now spends most of her time driving carpool, volunteering for the school’s arts alliance, and writing creative fiction. Her poetry has been published in Paper Lanterns Literary Journal and Crow Toes Quarterly, and her middle grade novels are represented by literary agent Christa Heschke of McIntosh & Otis. You can find out more at www.shannonmclatcheyballoon.com.

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Photo is in the Public Domain.

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