Empty Rocking Chair

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by Jason Kirk Bartley

“Empty Rocking Chair,” read by Jason Kirk Bartley.

In the corner of the living room
sits an old rickety rocking chair,
that grandpa used to rock away in
as if he had no care.
I could smell the old pipe tobacco,
as he puffed on his old pipe,
grandpa used to use it,
then he’d fuss and gripe.
I’d sit on grandpa’s lap,
the stories he used to share,
were almost as interesting as that
big ‘ole rocking chair.
He’d tell me about the 1940’s and
How everyone used to share,
I could barely hear his voice over
the creaking of the chair.
He’d play his harmonica,
with such a joyful tune.
We knew that grandpa’s days were
and he’d be leaving us soon.
He had an appointment that he
would have to keep.
One day his rocking chair was
empty as he died in his sleep.
I sat on the empty rocking chair,
a fearless little chap.
And rocked it back and forth as if I
were still on grandpa’s lap.
The room finally became still and
All I could do was sigh,
Grandpa left this earth so soon,
I regretted not being able to say, “Goodbye.”

About the Writer

Jason Kirk Bartley is 46 years old. He’s married to his forever love, Nila. Jason holds a Master’s degree in Ministry from Ohio Christian University. He is a Christian.

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Photo Credit: “Rocking Chair” by Joseph McDonald.

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