The Bigger Picture, by Erika B. Girard

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“The Bigger Picture,” read by Erika B. Girard.

The Bigger Picture

by Erika B. Girard

When people call me beautiful,
I hope they mean my heart.
I compare myself to masterpieces
But I don’t see a work of art.

I just see an unfinished canvas
With patched rips, unmended tears,
A few paint spills, watermarks, too,
And mistakes I’ve made over the years.

This life of mine is not perfect—
And neither am I, let’s face it—
But with each sad thought, I look within
My soul to find good to erase it.

I would rather model empathy
Than model clothes or bathing suits,
And I try to glorify God with my life,
My smile, and my writing pursuits.

I should remember no one’s perfect,
And no one has all the answers.
Artists are as vital as mathematicians
And scientists as graceful as dancers.

Although a child’s first fingerpainting
Isn’t the Mona Lisa or Starry Night,
A doting parent will see it the same
In a heartfelt, sentimental light.

So I guess I’m God’s work-in-progress!
Even though I can’t see what He sees,
I know the paintbrush is in His hand…
And that’s more than enough for me.

About the Poet

Erika B. Girard is currently pursuing her M.A. in English and Creative Writing with a concentration in Poetry through SNHU. She derives creative inspiration from her family, friends, and faith. Her work appears in Black Fox, Iris Literary Journal, Viewless Wings, and more. She also proofreads for Wild Roof Journal.

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Photo Credit: “Pinsel mit roter Farbe” by Marco Verch Professional Photographer, CC BY 2.0, via

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