Prisoner No More, by Jason Kirk Bartley

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“Prisoner No More,” read by Jason Kirk Bartley.

Prisoner No More

by Jason Kirk Bartley

Lost and broken,
a prisoner inside.
Nowhere to run
and nowhere to hide.
Young and brutal were they all.
Ready to watch me stumble,
ready to make me fall.
I can replay their laughter,
the demons inside.
Gnawing at my mind,
they’d try and reside.
Fear and contemplations
of what could be,
kept me in my prison
where I could not be free.
How I remember so clearly
being their joke.
The fun they used to make of me
and the fun they used to poke.
‘Till one day God came and released me.
no more to be,
no more hurtful memories,
no more visions to see.

About the Poet

Jason Kirk Bartley is a Christian poet from Chillicothe, Ohio. He is married to his forever love Nila. He is 47 years old and loves to write. He has a master’s in Ministry from Ohio Christian University in Circleville, Ohio. He’s won various awards and has been published many times.

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