Questions for a Saint, by E. Prout

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Questions for a Saint

by E. Prout

What do you see where you are?
Are you touching shooting stars?
Can you see me where you are?
And why do I think you’d want to?

Are you waiting for us there?
Or breathing in that holy air?
Or waiting for an answered prayer?
Does the time difference affect you?

Do you sleep? Have you the need?
Without a body, do you breathe?
Are you where you want to be?
Who is there next to you?

Will you think of me again?
Will I see you, hug you when
I’m in His presence with you and
My shame can’t rub off on you?

Are you waiting for me there?
Are you running, gone all cares?
Are you before the mercy chair?
What’s He saying to you?

About the Poet

E. Prout is an education student from Northern Michigan who began publishing her own work five years ago. She writes poems and songs about various topics, especially her faith and personal struggles. Her short stories tend to reside in the real world, though her long stories lean more toward the fantastic.

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