Green, Green Grass, by Sandra Arnone

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Green, Green Grass

by Sandra Arnone

Do you see us running in the green, green grass?
My brother, so small, still lags behind.
I take him by the hand, never letting go.
The gentle breeze carries the fragrance of honeysuckle
That tickles our nose,
Pembroke barking and nipping at our heels.
The yellow sun caresses us in warmth
That cannot be described.
We are happy in this place
With those who have come before.
We see you, Grandma, and are proud of your courage.
Grandpa is simply amazed.
You are not alone,
Always loved.
We’ll greet you when you come home.

About the Poet

Sandra (Sandi) Arnone is a retired elementary school teacher. She is an avid reader, wordsmith, and lover of canines, large and small. Brutus, her Pembroke Welsh Corgi “extraordinaire,” was her constant companion for nearly fourteen years. Sandi enjoys hiking, listening to music, and sharing her dinner table with her wonderful family and incredible friends. She lives in upstate New York on eighteen acres of heaven on earth.

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