Sing, by Robert Funderburk

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by Robert Funderburk

Oh sing, for the long night is over
Sing, for the day has begun
Let darkness and doubt
Give way to a shout
Oh shout to the Lord everyone

Oh Praise God all battles are over
Give Him praise for the end of all wars
We’ve soldiered all night
His dawn gives us light
For our road home beyond all the stars

Oh sing, for the long night is over
The towers of Heaven I see
No sorrow, death, or hate
Shall pass through the gate
He’s waiting for you and for me

Oh Praise God this old Earth has ended
The Heavens rolled back as a scroll
All evil has died
As Jesus testified
We’re walking those streets made of gold

About the Poet

Born by coal oil lamplight in a farmhouse near Liberty, Mississippi, graduated from Louisiana State University in 1965, served as SSgt in USAFR from 1965–1971, Robert is now living with his wife, Barbara, enjoying the peace of their home on fifty acres of wilderness in Olive Branch, Louisiana.

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Photo Credit: Sean MacEntee, CC BY 2.0, via Modified by Veronica McDonald.

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