His Mother, by Michael D. Young

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“His Mother,” read by Michael D. Young.

His Mother

by Michael D. Young

The Savior of the World came first,
Into His mother’s arms.
She tended to his hunger, thirst,
And kept Him safe from harm.

For though He was like no other,
Our Savior needed His mother.

To bless His mother in her need,
To show He was divine,
Christ showed a miracle indeed
And changed water to wine.

For though He was like no other,
Our Savior still served His mother.

Then when upon the cross He hung,
She knelt there in despair.
Though thorns and nails His body stung,
He saw first to her care.

For though He was like no other,
Our Savior sheltered His mother.

“Behold thy mother,” then He cried.
To her, “Behold thy son.”
For us, for her, he bled and died;
His life’s work, gladly done.

For though He was like no other,
Our Savior so loved His mother.

About the Poet

Though Michael grew up traveling the world with his military father, he now lives in Utah with his wife, Jen, and their three children. He played for several years with the handbell choir, Bells on Temple Square, and is now a member of the Tabernacle Choir at Temple Square. He is the author of the novels in The Canticle Kingdom Series, The Last Archangel Series, the Chess Quest Series and the Penultimate Dawn Cycle (The Hunger), as well as several nonfiction works, including An Advent Carols Countdown, The Song of the Righteous and As Saints We Sing

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Photo Credit: Nheyob, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons.

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