Sister, Oh Sister, by Raelene Purtill

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Sister, Oh Sister

by Raelene Purtill

Gospel of John, Chapter 11, verses 1-44

Oh brother, my brother
Lazarus has died.
Oh, sister, my sister
Martha, the mourners are arrived.

Oh sister, my sister
Mary, I have sent word
To our friend Jesus.
I have summoned the Lord.

Oh sister, my sister
Martha, shall we ever be consoled?
Oh, sister, my sister,
Perhaps we too shall never grow old.

Oh sister, my sister,
Where is our Friend?
Oh sister, my sister,
Shall our hearts ever mend?

Oh sister, my sister
Martha, can you see?
The Lord has come.
I knew that He would.
Oh sister, my sister,
Yes, Mary, but too late—
Too late for Lazarus’ good.

Oh Jesus, my Jesus,
You say our brother’s asleep.
Oh Jesus, my Jesus,
Then why do you weep?

My sister, oh sister
Martha, I weep over sin.
The sin that is Adam’s,
Where death did begin.

Oh Jesus, my Jesus,
Why the delays?
Our brother is buried now
These four dreadful days.

My sisters, oh sisters
Martha and Mary,
Don’t you see my delay
Is to show you God’s glory?

My sisters, oh sisters,
Have I not said
That my voice can also
Be heard by the dead?

My brother, my brother
Lazarus, wake up from your strife!
Come out to Me,
The Resurrection and Life.

Oh sister, my sister
Mary, dry your tears.
The Lord has raised our brother
And banished our fears.

Oh Saviour, my Saviour
I do now perceive
That you are Messiah,
And so, I believe.

About the Poet

Raelene Purtill is an eclectic writer of poems, short stories, essays, and scripts. She is studying Creative Writing and Publishing at the University of the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia. She hosts a monthly writing group and has been on the editorial committee of a local anthology. She enjoys writing on Christian themes and bringing scripture to life through her writing.

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Artwork is in the Public Domain.

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