Come Join the Song, by Steven Searcy

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“Come Join the Song,” read by Steven Searcy.

Come Join the Song

by Steven Searcy

Come join the song, sing praises loud and plain
to Christ the Lamb, who lives though he was slain.
He took the whip, spit, thorns, nails, jeers, disdain,
and utter isolation in his pain,
then dropped into the grave—but not in vain!
By death, he transformed loss into great gain—
what once was Satan’s boon became his bane.
Christ chose to die, to conquer death’s domain.
Our Jesus has destroyed death’s lock and chain,
and rises to his throne where he will reign
for good. No fear and sadness will remain,
and all his children join to sing the loud refrain.

About the Poet

Steven Searcy lives with his wife and three sons in Atlanta, GA, where he earns a living working as an engineer in fiber optic telecommunications. His poetry has been published in Ekstasis, Reformed Journal, Fathom Magazine, Heart of Flesh Literary Journal, and The Clayjar Review.

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Photo is in the Public Domain. Modified by Veronica McDonald.

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