The Epic of Jah

by Marvin Lee

Lucifer was the guardian cherub,
Son of the Morning,
the most beautiful of the Heavens.

But in his vainglory
he did challenge God;
a third of Heaven rallied to him,
swords clashed,
and oaths sworn—
for Michael and his angels
battled against Lucifer and his angels.
As war raged,

triumphantly they marched on the throne of the Most High.

The word was spoken in the barest of whispers,

but lightning streaked across the sky,
the seas rolled,
and darkness fled—
the very foundation of the universe shook,

time itself ceased to exist.

they were cast from His presence,
the Devil and his demons,
cursed to Hell for eternity.

And in a garden named Eden, God created man.

About the Writer

Marvin Lee is a speculative fiction writer and member of Quill & Crow Publishing House’s Dark Poet Society, who grew up in the jungles of Venezuela. He still lives deep in the Amazon over 200 miles from town with his wife and four kids. You can find him on Twitter, @JungleWriter.

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Artwork: Illustration for John Milton’s Paradise Lost by Gustave Doré (1866); the spiritual descent of Lucifer into Satan (Public Domain).

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