Jesus—Son of David

by Anthony J. Rubi

Saul slayed his thousands, David—ten thousands!
For David did triumph throughout the lands.
This now, I will speak of marvelous things:
How David fought, and killed—the Philistines!
Goliath defied Israel, with dread,
Before he met David—and lost his head!
And as David grew, so did Saul’s madness.
Then God made David king—to our gladness.
But now, we do give trust in David’s Son,
The Lord Jesus, who fought my sin—and won!
He showed the way to defeat the Devil
—You speak the Word, from God’s supreme level.
Also plea the blood of Jesus, in prime,
For it cleanses sins—and wins, every time!

About the Writer

To God be the glory! Anthony J. Rubi has a degree in Communication from Salt Lake Community College, and a “Diploma in Biblical Studies” from BBN Bible Institute. He was recently published with Apple Books on July 31, 2020; the book is called, Open Doors: A spiritual warfare study guide.

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Artwork: “King David with Goliath’s Head” by Girolamo Lambardo (Public Domain).

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