Nature Reminds Me of Your Greatness

by Joshua James Cole

Last night, I watched a moth
click against the lamp light
when all else was dark,
and I remembered how your mercy,
so lovely,
so kind,
attracted me.

In a morning drizzle,
I went for a walk
with no destination in mind.

I came across an abandoned chrysalis
that dangled from a branch,
and I recalled your forgiveness—
how it changed me,
from the inside out,
and allowed me to leave all the hurt behind.

After the rain
a robin chirruped and
a spider web sparkled.
No one had instructed them to,
they simply did
what they were created to do.

I had but one response:
to lift my hands
and worship.

About the Writer

Joshua James Cole is a storyteller, poet, and artist who lives in the beautiful seacoast of New Hampshire with his lovely wife and two amazing daughters. They enjoy the New England outdoors in all seasons. His first children’s picture book, Painting with Words is available on Amazon

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Photo Credit: “Web” by Susanne Nilsson, Modified by Veronica McDonald.

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