Lessons for My Son

by Christopher Matthew Thomas

“Lessons for My Son,” read by Christopher Matthew Thomas.

My son, listen to what I have to say,
This is what I learned traveling the way,
What was not known when my journey began,
Lessons I learned about being a man.

Don’t despise what is small, simple, or weak.
Don’t look to be praised or stand on a peak.
For without seeds the farmer cannot sow,
The bee has a part in making things grow.
Yes, meager things have a role in the plan.
Learn how to be humble to be a man.

Don’t be quick to speak, just so you’ll be heard.
Don’t be slow to speak, when they need the word.
If roosters crowed all day the people would scorn;
He’s silent until first light in the morn.
“Cock-a-doodle-doo,” he wakes up the land.
Learn the timing of words to be a man.

Don’t be in a hurry to start a fight.
Don’t be slow to defend that which is right.
The bear does not hunt in seasons of snow;
She slumbers and gives her cubs time to grow.
But when cubs are cornered, she takes her stand.
Learn meekness and courage to be a man.

Don’t be quick to quit or stop what you start.
Don’t change your mind with the changing of heart.
The sun, moon, and stars divide up the day;
Those who are lost use them to guide their way.
Because they’re consistent people can plan.
Learn to do what you say to be a man.

Don’t believe that you’re the center of the Earth.
Don’t forget that others share in your worth.
For in a woman life begins to grow—
What she has given, you will never know.
Blessed you will be, if one gives you her hand.
Learn to honor women to be a man.

Don’t be angry with God when life gets hard.
Don’t forget Him, or the Law disregard.
For He sent His Son to die for your sin—
Forgiveness for those who are born again.
Blessed are those who follow the Son of Man.
Learn to depend on Christ to be a man.

My son, you have heard all I have to say.
This is what I learned living by the way.
Live by these lessons the best that you can,
So, when your eyes shut, you’ll rest as a man.

About the Writer

Christopher Matthew Thomas is a bi-vocational church planter in Yokosuka, Japan. He works for the US military and is a former Army Officer. As a Soldier he completed tours in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Egypt. He and his wife live with a rambunctious turtle named Edamame.

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Photo is in the Public Domain. Modified by Veronica McDonald.

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