I’m Here

by Bill Dotson

“I’m Here,” read by Bill Dotson.

There I was in a very dark place,
Surrounded by, well, who knows.
My vision was gone, with fear on my face,
A voice said, “You’re done, so it goes.”
But then in the dark, I heard in my mind,
“That’s a lie, don’t listen to fear.
Stand up, take My hand, My peace you will find.
I’m with you my child, I’m here.”

There I was at a crossroads in life,
Not sure of which way to go.
I looked to the left but was filled with strife,
It looked good but my Spirit said, No!
I turned to the right; how could I decide?
I needed an answer so clear.
Then I heard that Voice from deep inside,
“Go right. I’ll go with you, I’m here.”

One day, as recorded, Heaven’s gates I could see.
Inside, eternity now clear.
Then I heard that Voice so familiar to me,
“Welcome My child, you’re here.”
Now, not in my mind, but before me He stood
“Oh, thank You, You’ve always been near.
You were with me in both the bad times and good.
And now, look at this…I’m here!”

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Photo is in the Public Domain. Modified by Veronica McDonald.

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