The Naked Heart, by Sandra Arnone

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The Naked Heart

by Sandra Arnone

Where do you keep your naked heart?
The heart that is too often
Silenced by the noise of this world.
The heart that loves
And surrenders for another
Its own needs and desires.
For here is where God dwells.
He knew you before
you were in your mother’s womb
and smiles upon those
who can still find such a heart
within themselves in the end.

About the Poet

Sandra (Sandi) Arnone is a retired elementary school teacher. She is an avid reader, wordsmith, and lover of canines, large and small. Brutus, her Pembroke Welsh Corgi “extraordinaire,” was her constant companion for nearly fourteen years. Sandi enjoys hiking, listening to music, and sharing her dinner table with her wonderful family and incredible friends. She lives in upstate New York on eighteen acres of heaven on earth.

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Image by 👀 Mabel Amber, who will one day from Pixabay.

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