Frequently Floundering, by D.A. Cairns

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Frequently Floundering

by D.A. Cairns

I’m frequently floundering, forever fearing failure,
far flung, flippant and fancy-free,
forcefully finicky and inflexible,
fitfully frantic and fantastically foolish—
fit for the fiery furnace.
I am human.
Friendly, fulsome, and fervent.
Finite and fragile, but full of fearless faith,
fighting feeble fiends with feisty fists of fury,
fully furnished and fortified.
Firmly fastened, I’m fully forgiven
I am saved.

About the Poet

Heavy metal lover and cricket tragic, D.A. Cairns lives on the south coast of News South Wales. He works as a freelance writer, has had over 100 short stories published, and has authored seven novels, and a superficial and unscientific memoir, I Used to be an Animal Lover. You may like to visit his website

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