The Lighthouse, by Marvin Lee

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The Lighthouse

by Marvin Lee

There’s a lighthouse
At the edge of the sea,
Shining it’s light
Along the rocky shore.
Some ships,
Their captains
Brave and true,
Heed the light,
Saving their hulls
From the jagged rocks
Other ships,
Their captains
Filled with pride,
Their hulls
Bursting with gold,
The light’s warning,
At the keeper’s signs.
And so,
They crash upon the shore,
Their hulls scuttled on the rocks,
Their crew
Down into the bottomless deep.
So heed the light,
Listen for the signs,
So you can pass the rocks
And stay afloat.
And always remember,
Never forget,
Jesus is the lighthouse.

About the Poet

Marvin Lee is a member of The Dark Poet Society and slush reader for Quill & Crow Publishing House. He also reads utopian fiction for Solarpunk Magazine. He lives over 200 miles away from the nearest town, deep in the Amazon jungles of Venezuela with his wife and four kids.

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Artwork: “Skomvær Lighthouse (1891)” by Theodor Kittelsen. Public Domain.

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