Tag-a-Long Song, by Pat Severin

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“Tag-a-Long Song” read by Pat Severin.

Tag-a-Long Song

by Pat Severin

A shopping mall, when you are small
‘s like walking in a forest,
but not of trees, of legs and knees…
and shoes that play a chorus
as one by one they hit the floor
and click and stomp and clatter.
It’s LOUD, that’s all that I can say,
although it doesn’t matter,
‘cause when you’re built close to the ground
the world’s a noisy place,
and little feet the size of mine
have trouble keeping pace.
But Mom insists I walk, not ride,
that strollers are for babies,
and girls of four (though it’s a chore)
should walk like grown-up ladies.
I guess I’ll tag-a-long and smile;
I hope it’s over soon!
And if I’m good,
do what I should,
I might get a BALLOON!

About the Poet

Pat is a retired Christian school teacher who has always found inspiration for her poems from her faith and her love of people and children. She is currently published in the Christian Magazines, The Agape Review, The Clay Jar Review, and The Way Back 2 Ourselves. She has also been a featured poet in many of the Southern Arizona Press anthologies. Additionally, she is one of the contributors to the books Chicken Soup for the Soul and Perfectly Imperfect Rescues and Their Humans. Her personal ministry is sending encouraging poems in her original cards to people going through difficult struggles.

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Photo credit: “Pentagon City Mall” by Ben Schumin, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Flickr.com. Modified by Veronica McDonald.

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