Holding My Heart, by Mike Hall

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“Holding My Heart” read by Mike Hall.

Holding My Heart

by Mike Hall

My granddaughter was all of 20 months old
She was shy around her Papa if truth be told

Her Gigi could hold her anyplace, anytime
Or when getting her ready for rest or bedtime

It had been a slow process for me to get close
I could only hold her in a short dose

It was as if she was still measuring me
Uncertain as to who, or what, Papa might be

As long as her mom or Gigi was close by
She would talk to me and play, and never cry

But one day, I was all alone on a trail with her
While her brother and dad rode bikes together

We sort of stared as the silence around us grew
Neither of us knowing quite what to do

I held out my hand for her to take
Hoping she would take hold, without an outbreak

She looked at my hand, and with hers took hold
We started up the path, not knowing what would unfold

I tried to match my steps with her little stride
Not trying to hurry her as I walked alongside

We stopped to drop rocks into a shallow creek
I was full of pride at her dropping technique

We dropped pine needles, and watched them float
Other leaves joined in the game—each a natural boat

The need to talk was not a primary aim
We were doing okay, quietly playing our game

When her dad called out, “It’s time to go!”
She started toward his voice, with me in tow

It was then that she reached up with her tiny hand
Her silent request which made me feel grand

This moment for me is frozen in time
Her little gesture will last me my lifetime

Holding hands on the path is an event set apart
For when I took her hand…she really took my heart

About the Poet

Mike Hall has been a teacher for 43 years, and began writing poetry in the early stages of the pandemic. His work is meant to encourage and uplift, bringing a smile to a reader’s face or giving pause to think.

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