The Greatest Gift of All, by Pat Severin

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“The Greatest Gift of All,” read by Pat Severin.

The Greatest Gift of All

by Pat Severin

Baby Jesus, you’re so small
And yet I have been told
That you did really big, big things,
When you were grown up old.

My Grandma said when you were born
You didn’t have a bed,
And so your Mama, carefully,
Laid down your little head…

Into a manger made for cows.
But it was soft and clean.
She said you were the cutest boy
That she had ever seen!

And shepherds saw some angels white,
All singing in the sky.
At first, they felt real scared inside,
Until they knew just why!

Those angels told them you were born,
Said they should go and see
That tiny baby for themselves.
How special that would be!

And fancy kings in golden coats
Came from so very far
To visit you because they saw
A bright and shiny star!

I wish I could have been there, too,
To see you as a baby.
And if your Mama said I could,
I’d come real close and maybe…

I’d pick you up so carefully
And whisper “I Love You.”
I may not understand it all
But I believe it’s true…

You grew up and became a man,
And died for everyone.
So someday I’ll see you for real.
In Heaven we’ll have fun!

Mom says I’ll see my Grandma, too.
I loved her soft, soft face,
But Grandma won’t have wrinkles there.
She says you can erase!

The same way you erase my sins
Because sometimes I am bad.
But I know that you forgive those times
And that you don’t get mad.

When Mom says that she loves me,
She says you love me, too.
I wish I was in Bethlehem
And I could visit you.

My favorite story is about
Your birthday long ago.
I know that’s why there’s Christmastime,
So everyone will know…

That, Baby Jesus, you were born,
All soft and pink and small,
A Christmas present for the world,
The greatest gift of all!

About the Poet

Pat Severin, a retired parochial teacher and member of SCBWI, has been writing poetry for many years. Her poems are regularly featured in The Agape Review and The Clayjar Review as well as three of the Southern Arizona Press Anthologies. Her personal ministry is sending cards of encouragement to those going through difficult health struggles.

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