Oh Baby, Oh Baby, by Pat Severin

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“Oh Baby, Oh Baby,” read by Pat Severin.

Oh Baby, Oh Baby

by Pat Severin

Baby, oh, baby, you’re crying so loud!
I sure don’t know why Mom and Dad are so proud
Of this pink screaming bundle, my sister, Louise,
Who never seems happy. Stop crying, won’t you please!

My ears just can’t take it—I’m going quite nuts!
Are you wet or need changing, you’re hungry, that stuff?
Whatever it is, I wish you’d be quiet!
Some peace would be nice, now. Come on, baby, try it!

Then suddenly…

Oh, baby, oh, baby, the silence is great!
I really do love you. It’s your crying I hate.
You are kind of cute with your little pink nose.
And now that Mom’s changed you, you smell like a rose!

I hope someday soon we can go out and play
Some tag or some jump rope, some bright summer’s day.
But now, in the meantime, I’ll be patient…maybe…
And hope you’ll grow up soon…baby, oh, baby!

About the Poet

Pat Severin, a retired parochial teacher and member of SCBWI, has been writing poetry for many years. Her poems are regularly featured in The Agape Review and The Clayjar Review as well as three of the Southern Arizona Press Anthologies. Her personal ministry is sending cards of encouragement to those going through difficult health struggles.

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Photo Credit: Marco Verch Professional Photographer, CC BY 2.0, via Flickr.com. Modified by Veronica McDonald.

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