The Post Box

by Marion Launder Price

Somewhere in a garden
A red box is nailed
To a wooden fence
Which overlooks the farmer’s field
And beauty

It peeps out
Through the willows
Of a memory tree
I can see it from my window
I like to think
It can
See me

Sometime in the daytime
Small hands
Might post a letter
Small voices
Nursery rhymes
Of times
A little better

About the Writer

Marion lives a quiet life deep within the hills and valleys of South Wales. She is a little-known writer, though she posts regularly on several well-established poetry sites. She has recently been accepted for two anthologies. A quiet woman who enjoys the company of animals, she defines herself as a mother above all else; she has two children, one living, one deceased.

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Artwork: “Woman sitting under willows” by Claude Monet, 1880 (Public Domain).

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