Sisters in the Snow

by Elizabeth Wrobel

Sisters in the snow,
Wondering where to go.
Little Sister riding on the wooden sled,
Big Sister, holding the rope, pulls her ahead.
She squints her eyes into the winter sun,
Shouting happily, “Here they come!”
Big Sister gets hit in the back.
It’s Big Sister’s turn—look at it go!
That white, fluffy ball of snow.
BAM! The sisters can’t believe,
Big Sister hit Daddy on the sleeve.
Now, Mommy’s snowball is in flight,
The sisters duck quickly out of sight.
POP! Mommy misses—she had better hide.
CRASH! Too slow—Big Sister hits Mommy’s side.
This time Little Sister is much too small
To pack and throw a big snowball.
She wishes and she hopes with all her might
That next year she can join the snowball fight.
For now, she watches the snowballs fly
Back and forth, low and high.
On and on goes the most friendly fight,
Until the sun disappears for the night.
It’s time to go home—it’s the end of the day.
Mommy and Daddy hold hands all the way.
Little Sister rides home in style,
Big sister pulls her along—wearing a great big smile.
What’s the final score? Does anybody know?
Not Mommy. Not Daddy. Not the sisters in the snow.
Nobody kept score—nobody cares who won,
Because the snowball fight was so much fun.
So it’s decided—they all go home a winner,
And they’re just in time—Grandma’s making dinner!

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Photo Credit: “Snowball Fight” by Mick C,

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