God Made Me Little

by Elizabeth Wrobel

Do your feet touch the floor when you sit in a grown-up chair?
Neither do mine. My legs just sort of hang there.
I kick them back and forth because it’s just not fair.
My legs are dangling and my feet are floating on air.
Can you reach anything up on that top shelf?
I’m sure you can’t. You have to ask a grown up for help.
Just like me. You think you’re much too small.
You don’t like your size very much at all.
So one night I asked Mommy and Daddy, “Why am I so little?”
Their answer made me feel better. Their answer made me giggle.
“God made you little,” Mommy smiled, “so I could hold you tight.”
“God made you small,” Daddy grinned, “so I could kiss you goodnight.”
Mommy and Daddy did their best to help me see,
This is all part of the plan—the plan God has for me.
One day I won’t be so little anymore.
And one day my feet will touch the floor.
Because God made me little, God made me small,
God made me the right size, to grow up big and tall!

Read about Elizabeth Wrobel here.

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Artwork: “Fillette à l’orange” by Louise Catherine Breslau (Public Domain).

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