Two Little Acorns

by Amy K Radford

Two little acorns
Hanging on a tree
Dreaming of growing up
Wondering what they’ll be

Two little acorns
As the wind dances through
Wiggle as they tumble down
Now what will they do?

Two little acorns
A squirrel carries away
They take a little trip
To find where they will stay

Two little acorns
Planted in the ground
With a comfy place to sleep
Soon they nestle down

Two little acorns
Fall fast asleep
They enjoy a long nap
And do not make a peep

Two little acorns
Awake and start to grow
A tiny seed is now a plant
As the sun melts the snow

Two little acorns
Stretch up to the sky
Waving at a blue bird
Who is flying by

Two little acorns
Shoot up more each day
As the sun shines down
They soak up each new ray

Two little acorns
Grow up big and free
Once they were little seeds
Now they’re each a tree

Amy K Radford, a teacher and writer, continues to hone her skills by pursuing an MFA in Creative Writing. Amy’s greatest desire is to love God in such a way that lives are changed. A blogger for over fifteen years, she has taught and written for various ministries.

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Artwork: Public Domain image, modified by Veronica McDonald.

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