by Theresa Donnelly

A sunbeam caught
me unaware

as I daydreamed
upon a chair.

It warmed my feet
and chilly toes

before it settled
on my nose.

I peered within
its golden light;

witnessed a thousand
specks in flight.

Freed at last from
pillow and chair

they danced with
energizing flair

and momentarily
reigned supreme

before I returned back
to my dream.

Theresa Donnelly is an Irish/Canadian poet who has been widely published on both sides of the Atlantic. She is the author of two books of poetry, one for adults and one for children. Her poetry can be found in the Caterpillar Magazine. She was also a judge and co-editor of the children’s book, Corn Has Ears.

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Artwork: “Hundred Summers Past” by John Douglas Woodward (1846), from

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