God’s Wonderful World

by Marvin Lee

God created the jungle
filled with trees,
and all the different shades of leaves

The tiny, busy little bee,
buzzing around so merrily

The ants working day and night
Can’t you see them?
Oh, what a sight!

There are so many things to see,
like monkeys swinging through the trees

Look at them playing and chattering, so happily!

See the blue of the butterfly’s wings,
as it flits and flutters, between the leaves

Or the capybara eating their greens,
as the tapir swims by mightily

The blue of the great majestic sky,
the river swiftly running by

These are just some of God’s creations out there.

And the most amazing thing for all to see

is how God created you and me.

Marvin Lee is a missionary kid and speculative fiction writer, who grew up with the Yanomami Indians of Venezuela. He still lives deep in the Amazon jungles over 200 miles from the nearest town with his wife and four kids.

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Artwork: “Butterflies” by Heinrich Morin (1900), from OldBookIllustrations.com.

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