Issue #5 Has Arrived! (Online and in Print)

Cover art: Cross artwork by Pat Anderson.

We are up to our fifth issue of Pure in Heart!

This is exciting for a lot of reasons. One of the biggest reasons is that Pure in Heart is growing. We made it through five issues and five rounds of submissions, and the number of readers, submitters, and subscribers keeps increasing. Kids and families (like you) all over the world are getting more and more interested in our little literary journal, and it makes us feel all tingly inside to know that God is using these collections of creative Christian concoctions (try saying that five times fast) to enter people’s lives and hearts.

Another reason we’re excited about Issue #5? Because we love poetry that makes us feel a whole spectrum of emotions. We love stories that make us think and imagine. We love cool artwork. We love the way Jesus uses creative work to speak to people. And this issue has all that, and a bag of chips.

Thank you to everyone who contributed—you are all so talented, and we are blessed that you entrusted us with your work. Thank you to those who submitted and subscribed.  

And thank you for reading!


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