This Takes the Cake!, by Pat Severin

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“This Takes the Cake!” read by Pat Severin.

This Takes the Cake!

by Pat Severin

I think I’ll run away today. It’s more than I can take!
I have to eat my broccoli. I wanted chocolate cake.
I have to walk the dog, and then clean up my drawers and desk.
My mom says they’re a sight to see, and my whole room’s a mess!

I have to do just EVERYTHING, and it’s not fair at all.
My mom does hardly ANYTHING. Why can’t I play some ball?
But, NO. Mom says there’s all this work to do, and I had better do it
because I did a few things wrong, she said, “Now, just hop to it!”

I did break Mother’s pitcher, came in with muddy feet,
ran through her yellow tulips, and wouldn’t eat my meat.
But all those things were…accidents! Things happen every day,
and I don’t think it’s fair at all! Why, I’ll just run away!

I’ll pack my comfy jeans and shoes, my T-shirt and my skates,
my baseball glove, my silver bat, and then I’ll leave this place!
Now here I am at Clancy Street…should I go left, or right?
Ah…on second thought, I’ll turn around, for soon it will be night.

I know my mom will cry a lot when she sees that I’m not there.
And I don’t want to make her sad…I’m pretty sure she’d care.
Besides, I smell…Mmm, CHOCOLATE CAKE! Dad’s grilling burgers, too.
I guess things really aren’t that bad. I just was feeling blue.

My mom was right about those things…besides she loves me lots!
She helps me put my toys away and untie double-knots.
I’m glad I didn’t run away because I guess it’s true
that when you’re in a family, you all have work to do.

So when the day seems really bad, and nothing’s going right,
if you just pack your things and leave, soon daylight turns to night.
It’s better if you wait right there, and think before you go.
They might be serving CHOCOLATE CAKE, but when?
You never know!

About the Poet

Pat is a retired Christian school teacher who has always found inspiration for her poems from her faith and her love of people and children. She is currently published in the Christian Magazines, The Agape Review, The Clay Jar Review, and The Way Back 2 Ourselves. She has also been a featured poet in many of the Southern Arizona Press anthologies. Additionally, she is one of the contributors to the books Chicken Soup for the Soul and Perfectly Imperfect Rescues and Their Humans. Her personal ministry is sending encouraging poems in her original cards to people going through difficult struggles.

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