Spring Cross, by Joshua Dease

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Spring Cross

by Joshua Dease

Artist Description:

I have an artist friend from the internet named Benjamin. He collects kitschy Christian/spiritual art and comics. He shared a picture of this “spring cross,” a painting he found at a local thrift store in a wooden frame, knowing nothing about it, but captivated by its simple DIY beauty. It was the kind of art you would find in an old basement Sunday school room next to the flannelgraph. 

Benjamin makes contemplative paper cut art revolving around the Church calendar, so he recreated his thrift store treasure in that medium. After seeing this, I felt inspired to create my own version of this Spring Cross. 

While there are certainly a vast number of prominent Christian artists throughout the history of the Church, it is these kinds of pieces left behind by unknown and unnamed followers that I often find myself fascinated by. That is likely the space the weird little comics I make will occupy long after I am done drawing. And I think that is good and beautiful. 

About the Artist

Joshua Dease is an independent cartoonist living in Florida with his wife, Ashley, and their kids, Jules + Davy. He teaches a variety of high school humanities classes. He is an adjunct professor of History. Joshua also pastors Church in the Garden, an outdoor gathering space for homeless and housed folks for a non-profit organization called Wear Gloves.

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