Interview With a Rock, by Pat Anderson

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Interview With a Rock

by Pat Anderson

You want to interview me? Sure, what do you want to know?

You were the Rock Guard to the tomb where Jesus was buried, were you not?

Yes, I’m the one.

Can you tell me what you saw? Afterall, you were the only one to see the entire burial and resurrection.

Yes, it began on a Friday. My Lord had just died on a cross. I only know because it became dark midday as if even the sun mourned the passing of its maker. There was a great earthquake, and the rocks cried out. I must’ve cried the loudest to have been chosen as a guard for my Lord’s body.

Later that day, Joseph, the man who owned the tomb, came with Jesus’ body all wrapped in clean linen, and laid Him in his new tomb. You see, Jesus was buried in a borrowed tomb because He wasn’t going to need it very long. Joseph rolled me across the entrance so no one could enter. Roman soldiers made sure I covered every inch of the opening to the tomb. They stood watch day and night because they had heard Jesus say He would rise again after three days, and they felt threatened by that idea.

So, the guards never left their watch or slept?

Oh, no. They knew their lives depended on doing a good job. They took turns sleeping.

What happened next?

On the third day, at the break of dawn, I watched as the room lit up in a glorious and peaceful light. Jesus sat up and broke out of the linen wraps. He stood up, and taking the handkerchief that had covered His head, He folded it and laid it in a different spot. That’s my Savior, always doing things in an orderly way. Some think He was sending the message that He was coming back one day.

What were you feeling as you watched this miracle?

I was quivering with joy! He turned and smiled at me, pure love shining through His eyes. We embraced, and suddenly He was gone. I think He walked right through me. I felt complete.

Where did He go?

He may have walked in the garden. Right afterwards I heard the voices of Mary and Mary Magdalene. Suddenly, there was another earthquake. All of us rocks sang for joy. An angel came from heaven, rolled me away from the door, and sat on me! Many rocks have weary travelers rest on them, but I felt extra blessed to have an angel of God resting on me. I was ecstatic! The two Marys were shielding their eyes and trembling in awe, but those Roman soldiers were so petrified they looked like dead men. It really finished them off when the angel spoke! They reminded me of my friend the armadillo who rolls into a ball when he’s scared.

What did the angel say?

The angel told the two women that he knew they were looking for Jesus, but He was not there. He told them that Jesus had risen just as He said He would. He then invited them into the tomb to see where Jesus had lain. Mary and Mary Magdalene were crying tears of joy. They gasped when they saw the empty linen wrap and the folded linen handkerchief. This was a clear sign that Jesus had really risen from the dead. He had beaten death! If someone had stolen his body, they wouldn’t have left the burial wraps in the tomb. They certainly wouldn’t have taken the time to fold one cloth and set it aside.

Did Jesus appear to them in the tomb?

Not just yet. The women ran from the tomb to go tell the other disciples the good news. While on the way Jesus appeared to them. At first, they thought He was the gardener, but then they recognized His voice. He told them to come to Galilee, and to tell their friends to come, too.

What happened to the Roman guards? Did they run away?

Yes, those spineless guards ran straight to the chief priests to tell them what happened. The chief priests paid them to spread a lie that Jesus’ disciples stole him during the night. In exchange they would spare their lives. The power-hungry Romans didn’t like the idea of a more powerful Jesus. While some believed the lie, mostly Christianity spread all over the world. I feel blessed to have witnessed the most important event in history!

Yes, you certainly did! Thank you for sharing your eye-witness account of the burial and resurrection of our Lord!

You’re welcome.

About the Writer

Pat Anderson is a piano teacher/tennis enthusiast who enjoys writing poetry, young children’s books, drawing cartoons, and writing music. Four of her young children’s books, mostly about tennis or music, are available on Amazon. Piano music is available on Sheet Music Plus.

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