Favorite Color, by Pat Severin

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“Favorite Color” read by Pat Severin.

Favorite Color

by Pat Severin

A little girl that I once knew
would only wear the color blue.
And whether she was dressed for play
or off to church on Christmas Day…

her clothes were always shades of blue.
A different color wouldn’t do.
I asked her why, she told me this:
“All other colors I dismiss!

It might sound silly but for me…
the color blue fills me with glee!
In shades of blue, why, that’s my thing.
All blues can make me dance and sing!”

Right then and there, she sang a song—
a ditty short, not very long—
and as she sang, began to dance.
She said, “Come on now! Take a chance.”

So timidly, I tried my best
to do a dance at her request.
But it was hard for me to be
like her, so happy and carefree.

She saw that I was bashful, shy,
said, “Come on, give the dance a try.”
I closed my eyes and ’round I went,
and as I did, knew what she meant.

To dance like that made me feel free!
I understood what she called glee.
Then something happened, don’t know why,
behind the eyelids of each eye:

I saw a color—I saw green,
the deepest green I’d ever seen.
That color made my spirit soar!
I never felt like that before.

So now, when I am feeling low,
I close my eyes and take it slow.
I see that green, my favorite hue,
and soon I know just what to do:

I sing a little song, and then
I dance around just like my friend.
And when I do, I smile, and then
I sing a song and dance again!

About the Poet

Pat is a retired Christian school teacher who has always found inspiration for her poems from her faith and her love of people and children. She is currently published in the Christian Magazines, The Agape Review, The Clay Jar Review, and The Way Back 2 Ourselves. She has also been a featured poet in many of the Southern Arizona Press anthologies. Additionally, she is one of the contributors to the books Chicken Soup for the Soul and Perfectly Imperfect Rescues and Their Humans. Her personal ministry is sending encouraging poems in her original cards to people going through difficult struggles.

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Image is in the Public Domain. Modified by Veronica McDonald.

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