To a Candle, by Teresa Burleson

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To a Candle

by Teresa Burleson

How small you are,
One flickering flame
Against the all-encroaching night.
Yet you laugh at the gloom.
You are lost in worship,
Caught up in the dance
That began
Before there was time.
You keep reaching
For the Most High,
The Light Himself.
And so one small candle
Dispels the darkness.

Teresa Burleson is a free-lancer in Central Texas with writing credits in over 45 magazines. In 2003 she published The Pilgrim’s Lyre and her chapbook, Rose Without Thorns, came out in 2013. It is her desire to communicate the truth in a clear, fresh and compelling way.

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Photo is in the Public Domain. Modified by Veronica McDonald.

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