He Is Real, by Adesiyan Oluwapelumi (age 17)

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He Is Real

A Poem by Adesiyan Oluwapelumi, age 17

Everyone keeps saying I am hallucinating
every time I tell them about my friend.
They say He is not real, but He is.
He comes to my room’s window every
night and He talks to me.
Mom and Dad keep saying I am hallucinating
but I am not.
He calls my name through the window
and knocks when I act like a sleepyhead.
When I awake,
He asks about my day,
some silly questions about my friends,
my parents.
I tell Him everything
even about the grumpy old Geography
teacher at my school,
who keeps calling me a dullard.
I tell Him of Sarah
and He teases about it.
We chat for a little
till about 2 am in the morning,
then He kisses me goodbye.
Yes, His lips leave a wet stain
on the window.
I have shown everyone
but they keep saying I made it.
What of you reader, do you
believe He’s real?

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