For Whom I Pray, by Mike Dailey

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For Whom I Pray

by Mike Dailey

I do not know for whom I pray
I pray for those at war today
I do not know and still I’ll pray

Your children, Lord, this very day
May not find the time to kneel and pray
And so, dear, Lord, I’ll do my part
And pray for them with my whole heart

They have their minds on other things
Bursting bombs and bullet stings
How to stay alive this day
So it’s for them I kneel and pray

I know no names, nor even faces
I can’t define the time or places
But you know Lord, what they would say
So it’s for them I kneel and pray

Give them hope Lord, give them peace
May their faith in you increase
Comfort them in your own way
And it’s for them I kneel and pray

About the Poet

Mike Dailey is a fairly well-known poet in southeast North Carolina. He lives near Sunset Beach with his wife of 50 years and the occasional visits with his daughter and two grandkids. His poems have been published in several magazines and anthologies. He has had three books of poetry collections published; one based on cancer treatments he underwent, one based on his 30 years working as a civilian analyst for the US Army, and a book of spiritual poems. He is always putting together several collections and looking for publishers. Mike Dailey’s poetry can be serious, topical, or very moving, but he is known more for his rhythm and rhyme poetry with a twist of humor.  

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Photo is in the Public Domain. Modified by Veronica McDonald.

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