Faith of a Little Girl, by Adesiyan Oluwanifemi (age 12)

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Faith of a Little Girl

A Short Story by Adesiyan Oluwanifemi, age 12

I woke up early in the morning to prepare for my uncle’s birthday. My mum also woke up early. After preparing for the party, I went to my room, took my Bible, and opened to a verse saying, “Let God arise, and His enemies be scattered; Let those who hate Him flee before Him” (Psalm 68:1*). But before I could read the next verse, my mum called me and asked if I was ready for the party. Then I told her that I was almost done. I took my Bible, wore my dress, and packed my bag. I went to the dining table and ate the food my mum had prepared for me. After finishing, I packed my plate, washed it, and entered into the car.

On the way, some men with guns asked us to stop the car! I was afraid and hid behind my mum’s seat holding my Bible tightly. We were asked to come out of the car, but I kept holding my Bible. Then a man (their leader) threatened to shoot us if we did not reply to their demands. I remembered the verse I read in the morning and recited it.

Unknowingly, some policemen were passing by not quite long after I finished reciting the verse. The thieves, or should I rather call them the “bad gangs,” tried to escape, but they couldn’t. They all got caught and were arrested. One of the policemen took us home because mummy was too afraid to drive.

The next day, it was a Sunday. I woke up earlier than before in order to meet the testimony time. When it was testimony time I rushed to the altar and shared my testimony. Everyone was shocked and amazed seeing the wonders God had done for us. After church service, we went home.

Not quite long after we had gotten home, my dad got a call from his boss and was told that he had being given a promotion in his workplace. On hearing the news, my mum and I jumped in excitement.


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*Amplified Bible.

Photo is in the Public Domain. Modified by Veronica McDonald.

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