Eleanor Wants More, by Rachel Michelle Collier

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Eleanor Wants More

by Rachel Michelle Collier

Eleanor is tired of being poor.
Eleanor wants more.
She walks with her dad to the corner store,
the one with the broken sign.
She takes her hand out of her dad’s,
and walks around to the candy aisle.
Eleanor looks around.
She doesn’t see anyone.
Eleanor is tired of being poor,
tired of not eating candy.
Eleanor reaches out.
Eleanor takes two.
Then she takes two more.
Stuffs the candy bars into her pockets.
Now she has more.
She feels excitement in her heart, because
Eleanor wanted more.
And more is what she got!
Eleanor turns around.
Her dad is watching her,
and there are tears in his eyes.
Eleanor gasps.
Eleanor stands very, very still.
Eleanor hangs her head.
Eleanor panics.
She feels like she can’t breathe.
She feels like the roof is caving in on her.
Eleanor was tired of being poor.
Eleanor only wanted more.
Her dad hurries over to her.
Eleanor sits on the filthy floor.
She puts her head between her knees.
Her breathing turns into a wheeze.
She sits with her dad in the corner store,
the one with the broken sign.
Her dad is also tired of being poor.
He understands that Eleanor wanted more.
He pulls her in very, very close.
The man behind the counter watches.
The man saw Eleanor take four.
The counter man used to be poor.
The counter man understands wanting more.
Eleanor stands up.
Eleanor apologizes to her dad.
Eleanor apologizes to the counter man.
Eleanor offers the candy back.
The counter man smiles at her.
Eleanor is confused.
She thought the man would yell.
Eleanor feels hope.
The counter man looks at her dad.
Her dad nods to the counter man.
The man takes back two candy bars,
and leaves her a surprise:
Sweetheart, keep two.
Eleanor has more!
Eleanor wipes her eyes.
Eleanor smiles at him.
She goes with her dad back to their home,
the one with the broken stove.
Her dad lets her eat one candy bar for dinner.
Eleanor is tired.
Eleanor goes to bed.
Eleanor sleeps well.
Dad makes a phone call.
Dad gets a visitor late.
The visitor stands in the door.
Dad’s visitor is not poor.
The visitor gives Dad more.
Eleanor wakes up.
Eleanor yawns.
Eleanor stares at her second candy bar.
She feels like she’s in a wonderful dream.
She feels like her room has turned into a castle.
Dad lets her eat her candy bar for breakfast.
Eleanor grins very, very big.
She has a chocolate smile!
Eleanor gets dressed.
Eleanor hugs Dad.
Eleanor goes to school.
Dad goes back to the corner store.
He pays the price for what Eleanor ate.
Dad understands his Eleanor.
Eleanor only wanted more.

About the Poet

Rachel Michelle Collier is from Mississippi, and has also been published in Fathom Mag and Ekstasis Magazine. She wants you to know that you are loved. Twitter: @CollierRachelM

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Photo Credit: Anthony Easton from Montreal, Canada, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons. Modified by Veronica McDonald.

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