The Test

by Mia McDonald, 9 years old

Inspired by Psalm 135:1

Lilly watched the birds play out the window. She wished she could watch them more, but of course, she had homework. There was a really big test on Friday and teachers were loading them with homework. Lilly was never really good at Math, but her mom always told her to try her best.

The day of the test, Lilly remembered a verse: “Praise ye the name of the Lord; Praise ye the name of the Lord; Praise Him, O ye servants of the Lord.” Then Lilly prayed. She asked for God’s guidance on her test, then the teacher passed out the paper.

The next day, Lilly saw her grade. She got a ninety-eight!

Lilly immediately started dancing and praising God. She knew God was watching over her, even on her test.

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Artwork: “Holy Bible” by Mia McDonald, 9 years old.

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